Active and fashionable all year round


Active and fashionable all day long! That’s the campaign idea created by Outhorn, a brand designed for those who look for modern, functional and versatile clothes. Outhorn encourages to seek inspiration in athleisure trend mixing sportswear and casual clothes. Our spokespersons, Urszula Dębska and Michał Malinowski, are actors by profession and active leisure amateurs by passion. If, like them, you love sports, and you are in need of solutions that will keep up with your quick pace of life, you’ll find everything you need at Outhorn.

Outhorn product offer is designed for those who want to stand out and feel one-of-a-kind in the urban space, but at the same time do not want to give up the comfort of sportswear. For those people, Outhorn designers married fashion trends and sporty style, which gave birth to a line of clothes inspired by physical activity. Trendy but practical, offering free range of motion and visually shaping the silhouette. Outhorn marries various interesting shapes and fabrics. The outfits offered by us are natural and fit for any occasion. We strive for keeping up with the changing world, that’s why ULTRA VIOLET, the colour of the year 2018 according to Pantone, prevails in our creative concept for this year.

Spokespersons buzzing with positive energy

Ula Dębska and Michał Malinowski are full of energy. In fashion, they value non-obviousness, e.g. Ula boldly matches leggings with long shirts and sneakers, whereas Michał is not afraid to wear converse to a more elegant outfit. “Each day, I’m in a rush. That’s why I look for solutions that will keep up with my fast pace of life. I choose Outhorn, because I can wear their clothes for any occasion. All I need is a couple of adjustments. I simply change the shirt for a T-shirt, I put on my roller blades, and I rush to the park”, says Urszula Dębska. “When I take a break from theatre, I pack a few things to my car and escape to Masuria lakes. I take with me my favourite book, yoga mat and a couple of sets of comfortable clothes. Not too many, because I can always mix and match them”, she adds. Athleisure is a trendy style they both feel comfortable with. Pure perfection. “Everyday life faces me with a great deal of challenges. That’s why I seek places and activities that help me recharge my batteries. In the summer, I sail, and in the winter, I snowboard. Nothing relaxes me more than new challenges. My clothes reflect who I am. Such a style allows me to keep my cool”, says Michał Malinowski.

Check if you follow athleisure trend

Outhorn products reflect athleisure trend, which matches pieces of clothing that at first glance seem not to go well with one another at all. Athleisure marries althletics and leisure: sportswear is worn to work, to school and to social events. Pieces of fitness clothing start to “break out” to the streets and become elements of everyday styling. The products combining fashion and sports include, e.g. softshells, sweatshirts, shorts, trousers and sports accessories, which can be mixed and matched in many different ways. You do not longer need to fear that something will not go well with your outfit. If you wear converse and a trench coat for work or you match sweatpants with high heels for the evening, you are definitely a trendy athleisurer!

Take a step into an active summer


Imagine warm sunlight, blue sky, gentle sea waves and pleasant, refreshing breeze. Sounds like a dream on upcoming holidays? If you enjoy physical activity, the new 4F collection will make you feel the warmth of real summer.

The weather outside the window makes us think about hot, sunny days ever more often. If you work on your beach body or simply love physical activity, you need to include the 4F summer clothing lines in your outfits. A holiday outfit will immediately boost you with extra strength and motivation to action. The inspiration for summer season patterns, colours and cuts was found in bright sunlight, blue sky, warm sand and quietly murmuring, calm sea, i.e. every aspect of summer that we all long for the whole year. Sea colours, adorned with a splash of turquoise and refreshing mint, prevail in both women’s and men’s line. White colour, emphasizing the suntan, and classic shades of grey, as well as timeless black are also prominent. From now on, the summer is really close!

Training on a sandy beach

The Slow futures fitness women’s line refers to water sports and training on the beach. Prints and colour palette are inspired by the sea and waves. Motivational slogans define true female warriors. The variety of cuts, materials and prints allows you to freely combine individual elements. You do not have to worry any more that they will not match. For hot days, we recommend you shorts, while leggings would be a perfect choice for gym workouts. Train in a sports bra only or put an oversize T-shirt on it – there are many options, and the sky is the limit. For your own training comfort, 4F designers applied innovative solutions: flat stitches in the fitness line clothes in order to minimize abrasions, and inner pockets in the trousers’ and leggings’ belt, where you can store keys or a payment card.

What about surfing on the ocean waves?

For active relax, choose clothes from the sportstyle line. The Blurred Surfer men’s line is inspired by water sports and a passion for surfing. That is why, prints with waves are a must. Pastel colours perfectly reflect the atmosphere of warm beaches, sun and water. Men’s outfits have never been easier to style – you can choose from several models of T-shirts and shorts available in the same colour to easily create various casual sets. Cotton T-shirts and shorts with a belt regulation are ideal for walks, picnics in the park, or hanging out with friends – you will feel really comfortable in them! Complement your outfit with such accessories as a hip bag so as to ride a bike freely, and wear a baseball cap to protect yourself against strong sunlight.

4F is the new presenting sponsor of the 4-Hills-Tournament


The 4F brand has become the main sponsor of one of the most important events in winter sports – The Four Hills Tournament. The contract was signed for four years with Infront, which is a partner of the German and Austrian Ski Federation (DSV and ÖSV). 

 After the Olympic Games, numerous sporting events, it’s time for a Tournament that is a real celebration of all winter sports fans. The 4F brand will be presenting sponsor for the next four years.  The 4-Hills-Tournament is the perfect platform for us to promote our brand all over Europe. This partnership reflects our plans and ambitions to become a well-known brand worldwide – said Igor Klaja, CEO of OTCF, owner of the 4F brand.

The 4-Hills-Tournament, in the 2017-2018 edition attracted 74 million viewers around the world.  Infront is very happy and proud to present 4F as the new presenting sponsor for the 4-Hills-Tournament. 4F and the 4-Hills-Tournament are a perfect match, not only because of the name. We will support 4F in reaching its goals to the best of our abilities and we are happy about this long-term cooperation – said Michael Witta, Managing Director of Infront Austria.

As presenting sponsor, 4F will be integrated into the event logo and benefits from an extensive presence on the LED-banners, the coaches’ stand, the take-off table as well as the starting installation and the exit gate at all four events. At the final event in Bischofshofen, the 4F logo will also be presented on the starting bibs of the athletes, the leaderboard, and the ceremony backdrop.

City speaks with style


Sport triggers many different emotions. From the competitiveness of people fighting for the victory, through a struggle to overcome their own limits, to long-lasting friendships built on the field. All this happens in one city. The 4F design team, inspired by the energy of modern metropolis, has created a new SS18 clothing collection. It is divided into three basic lines for men and women: training, running and sportstyle. It also offers a wide range of unisex wear. In the spring/summer collection, 4F promotes retro blocks, stripes and striped one-piece swimwear. We also entwined some metallic shades in prints and trimmings. Logomania is spreading all around, even on the smallest details. Sporty minimalism dominates the fashion scene.

Urban challenge

Every day is a new challenge and to overcome it, you need energy. Where do you get it from? From a bustling and vibrant city, its architecture, colours and contrasts. The passion living in sports enthusiasts adds strength. That is why, for our promo photo shoot, we have chosen real fighters who are not afraid of hard work, fatigue and sweat. “Caught” in training, they show energy and body dynamics. The SS18 collection photo shoot took place in the concrete jungle of Tel Aviv. For the shoot, we have chosen modern, geometric locations, and the monocolour background was complemented with some green accents and plants. The photographer was Paweł Fabjański, and the soundtrack for the campaign video was composed by Duit.


The latest 4F clothing collection consists of three lines: training, running and sportstyle. The training line is inspired by contact sports, competition, overcoming your weaknesses. Relentless prowess is expressed through cuts, irregular shapes, motivating slogans and graphene structure. Energetic red accents stand out against the backdrop of monocolour palette. Metallic trend is particularly visible in trimmings as well as silver and golden prints.


The inspiration for our next line were futuristic crosstown running tracks. The prints overflow with movement and swirling elements, and the colour palette is dominated by dark blue, pink and green.


Sportstyle collection enchants with sporty minimalism. This time, we were inspired by the architecture and retro sportswear, which is reflected in blocks and striped tissues. The monochromatic colour palette with vivid red accents refers to concrete surfaces of a city, and the cuts and graphic divisions in the prints evoke love for sports shared with friends and expressed on the field.