Fabric, technologies and Systems 


Dry and cool during a variety of workouts. Quick drying and optimal air circulation thanks to special fabric structure.


Warm, dry and breathable with a soft feel, thanks to a special fabric structure.


Weather shield fabrics proper temperature balance. Excellent body moisture transfer.


Close to body. Flat seams or seamless technology reduce the risk of abrasions. Comfortable feel thanks to stretch fabric.

Neo-Dry Membrane

Benefits: – waterproof – windproof – breathable – extra wear comfort – durable water repellent

Cool Max

The fabrics, employ specially-engineered polyester fibers to improve “breath ability” compared to natural fibers like cotton. Clothing made from Cool max is primarily intended to be worn during exertion – sweat can evaporate quickly so the wearer is kept dry. Other useful properties include resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.


Back system provides users with maximum comfort and excellent ventilation. Mesh and sponge with special structure which is made of the rear panel of the backpack allows free air circulation.


Back ventilation system provides users maximum of comfort and a specially designed metal construction ensures excellent ventilation, while reducing to an absolute minimum of contact with the body.

Size Chart

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