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4F Catalogs 

The 4F spring/summer 2018 collection focuses on three key disciplines: fitness, running and bicycling


The women’s collection contains monochrome melange sets with accents of neon yellow and blue, as in ladies allovers and tracksuit sets. Running clothes are a combination of fashion and sport, dominated by shapes and cuts highlighting the silhouette, with shiny prints and metallicized fabrics. Our fitness range is a bow to the 1980s in a pastel tone, with block colour combinations. The bicycle clothing line in turn features strongly feminine cuts and matching shapes. We also have a range of “after sport” wear, where delicate pastels contrast with washed out, worn areas. Our springwear is inspired by flower gardens and suburban blocks of flats, hence the domination of denim and concrete grey, with glittering copper-coloured elements. The collection includes 1990s hip-hop styled items, with strong branding and prints.


The men’s collection is primarily inspired by linearity, wave dispersion and digitisation. It is toned down in colour, perfectly matching intense physical effort. Secondly, there are modern items for outdoor sports, where classical and simple designs dominate. There are also fitness items inspired by camouflage colour schemes, while bicycle clothing includes matching designs in grey and blacks, with blue and neon green. The latest 4F collection for men includes styled bomber jackets, drawing inspiration from motorcycle clothing cuts. Red and black appear throughout. The collection also features after sport clothing and accessories, in a hip-hop vibe with large branding and prints.

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